The EU Commission’s Negligence Threatens the Future of Organic Farming: Urgent Call for a Sustainable and Non-GMO Agricultural Policy

2 min readDec 23, 2023

Organic farming has long been celebrated as a sustainable and healthy alternative to conventional agriculture. It not only promotes the health of individuals but also contributes to the well-being of the planet. However, recent developments have raised concerns among the organic farming community regarding the future of this essential practice.

EU Commission Under Scrutiny

In a thought-provoking opinion piece recently published by EU Observer, representatives of the organic farming community express their worry about the European Commission’s approach towards organic agriculture. The article calls on the Commission, the Council, and the European Parliament to collaborate in designing a forward-looking policy that ensures the progress of organic farming, while remaining committed to non-GMO practices.

Reference: EU Observer — Opinion: EU Commission is jeopardising the future of organic farming

Health and Well-being at Stake

As someone who deeply cares about health and well-being, this news story immediately caught my attention. Organic farming has proven to have numerous benefits for human health. It offers us a chance to consume food free of harmful pesticides, antibiotics, and synthetic additives. By embracing organic agriculture, we can make a conscious choice to prioritize our well-being and reduce our exposure to potentially detrimental substances.

Promoting Self-Sufficiency

Moreover, organic farming plays a crucial role in fostering self-sufficiency. In an era where food security is increasingly threatened by climate change and other global challenges, it is vital to support agricultural practices that promote self-reliance. By encouraging the growth of organic farming, we are making a stand for sustainable practices that reduce our dependence on external factors, such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and chemical inputs.

A Call for Collaboration

The call for collaboration in designing a comprehensive policy for organic farming is both timely and essential. The European Commission has a responsibility to protect and nurture the organic farming sector, ensuring its growth and prosperity for the years to come. This collaboration should prioritize the interests of organic farmers, consumers, and the environment, working towards a shared vision of a healthier, more sustainable future.

As an individual committed to supporting organic farming and promoting the values it encompasses, I encourage everyone to raise their voice in support of this cause. Together, we can advocate for a policy framework that empowers organic farmers, ensures consumer access to organic produce, and safeguards the integrity of our food systems.

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